A Vintage Wedding

vintage wedding car

A one time experience

Whatever you, the happy couple require is our mantra. A 'one off' event like a wedding is not something to be taken lightly, and deserves considerable thought and respect in its planning. Where possible, we will endeavour to create a seamless transition from home/hotel to church, venue or registry office and from there on to chosen hotel, restaurant or reception destination. Whatever the formula - we will make it happen. You decide what is appropriate for 'your big day' and we will accommodate you.

wedding cars

Our Armstrong Siddeleys (one a soft top and the other a hard top) started their lives roughly eighty years ago. The main benefit of these three cars is the enormous amount of room in the back. The largest dress and train would have no issue with being in the back of our Armstrong Siddeleys. Room enough too, for the happy couple to share a glass or two of complimentary champagne (served in crystal glasses), on the way from the church/registry office to the reception - if you so choose! There will be no rush - these old cars don't go very quickly - but there again, they do not need to - the cars are yours for the day, so why panic about time? The important issue for us is the provision of a stress free journey to and from the different venues for the happy couple - There will be time enough for a few nerves ahead of the all important 'speeches'.

bentley arnage interior

The Royal Choice

The Bentley, historically, is the preferred choice of Britain’s Royal Family, so why not be in the ‘best of company’ and hire our Bentley Arnage for your special occasion.

bentley arnage

Comfort & Power

this beautiful 4.4 litre ‘Cosworth’ engined car can, from a whisper and with the maximum of comfort, speed you to any venue, without spilling a single drop of ‘Bubbly’.

bentley arnage interior

Ultimate Luxury

The ultimate in luxury, complete with its own rear seat cocktail bar.


vintage wedding car

Personal service

For a more personal service we feel a conversation to examine the happy couple's exact requirements is better than any amount of form filling.
To arrange an appointment please contact us.

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In car video

Vintage Vehicles & Video can provide the ultimate in Wedding Video options. We have put together 3 different packages to choose from so that you can have a special part of your wedding on video to keep forever.

The wedding video option we have ensures that every part of your wedding is not missed and people can share the experience with you even if they are not there.

video options

in car Video

Vintage Vehicles & Video offer the opportunity to have your 'special journey' recorded on HD Video from inside the car. As an additional service, we can position 'mini' cameras on and inside the car to record special moments along the way as you travel from venue to venue. This could be the starting point of your new journey together.

Follow along video

Using our friendly drone which sports an HD camera will follow the car (to one side, in front, behind, whatever is required). GPS controlled, our drone will film your journey, where allowable, (Public roads are not possible but around venues which are on private ground are), subject to the necessary permissions being granted. These shots compiled and edited together with the interior car shots, complete with a musical soundtrack can be supplied if so desired.

Complete wedding video

'As a retired BBC Producer/Director along with other seasoned professionals I can offer a complete wedding video service. Anything is possible, from a multi-camera filmed church service to a more simple single camera operation.
For those wishing a 'True Reality TV Experience', everything is possible.

The preparations, the morning before the service, getting dressed, putting on the make up, the hair do, the family send off, the drive to the church, the service, the tears, the vicar's jokes, the RINGS, the drive to the reception, the meal, the fearful best man, the speeches, the first dance………. We've done it all! It all depends on what is required and of course what sort of budget is available. All can be tailored to the individual couple's requirements.